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How do our pool heat pumps work?

Our heat pumps work just like a fridge, but in reverse. Ambient air is heated by the sun and then topped up as required by electricity. A compressor pumps the heat into the water, maintaining your perfect temperature (typically around 28 degrees). An HPPS heat pump is a very energy efficient way to heat your pool and since 72% of NZ electricity is from renewable sources, it’s also greener than diesel or gas heating systems.

Why choose Heat Pump Pool Solutions?

It’s less expensive than you think Far less costly than diesel or gas, far more reliable than solar – our Fixed Speed heat pumps operate between 300$% and 500% efficiency and our Inverter Heat pumps up to 820%. 1 unit of energy goes in, 3 to 8 units come out. It’s how we keep your pool at guaranteed summer pool temperatures, for the months you wish to use it – Costing less than, on average, the price of a cup of coffee a day.

Quick and easy to install We are the supplier and, should you wish, the installer of your unit in which case means we have total control and accountability. And since our units work with your pool’s existing pump system, most installations take only half a day.

After-sales service You have a direct relationship with us. In the unlikely event anything goes wrong with your unit, our nationwide network of engineers is just a phone call away (all covered under our 3 year Premium Unit warranty). In resolving the issue, you will be dealing with the very Company who has specified the manufacture, supply, and installation (if requested) of your unit, and therefore is uniquely placed to be able to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We’re the experts From small residential to large-scale commercial pools, heating swimming pools is all we do. We arrange manufacture of the units to our specifications, supply them, install them (if required), and maintain them. Your HEPH or HEPHI Premium unit is built with the highest grade materials to ensure it will stand up to New Zealand’s uniquely challenging weather conditions and provide you with many years of faithful service.