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Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Maximise your pool environment with remote-controlled cleaning programmes that deliver maximum cleanliness and hygiene for pools up to 15 metres in length. Expertly cleans floors, walls and waterline without intervention.

The Dolphin Robotic Cleaner is fully independent, meaning it does not require any hoses or connection to the pool filtration system. Plug it into a CFCI protected outlet near the pool and put the robot into the water – it’ls that simple. This automatic cleaner is easy to use and can be programmed to do the type of cleaning job you want it to do.

It cleans the pool floor automatically by picking up dirt and leaves. There is also a brush on the bottom that scrubs the pool to get a deeper clean and free the pool from caked-on dirt. A filtration bag, in the robot, collects all the debris and should be emptied after each use. This option is geat for pools with no skimmer basket.

A Dolphin Saves You Money

Although initially, you will need to spend money purchasing a Dolphin pool cleaner, there are long term financial benefits that can outweigh the initial cost.

Save on power: Robotic cleaners work independently from the pools filtration system, meaning you can run your pump at a much lower speed.

Save on water: Robotic cleaners filter the water themselves, reducing clogging in the pool filtration system which can equal fewer backwashes.

Save on chemicals: Robotic cleaners remove the dirt and debris rather than storing in the pools filtration system. This means there is less chance of the water becoming cloudy and having to use chemicals to rebalance the water.

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Dolphin Pool Cleaner OFFER!

Combine the purchase of a Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner along with your HPPS Swimming Pool Heat Pump and receive a minimum 10% discount1 off the retail price of the Dolphin.
1 The discount may be greater, dependent on the size of Robot Pool Cleaner and Heat Pump purchased.

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